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  • Esenboğa International Airport, located in the north-east of the city, is Ankara's main airport.

  • Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (shortly, ASTI) is an important part of the bus network which covers every neighbourhood in the city.

  • The Ankara Central Railway Station is a major rail hub in Turkey. The Turkish State Railways operates passenger train service from Ankara to other major cities. There are two high-speed rail services: Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya.

  • The Ankara Metro is the rapid transit system serving Ankara. At present, Ankara's rapid transit system consists of 3 metro lines and 1 light rails, which are called Ankara Metros (M1-M2-M3) and Ankaray. An additional metro line is currently under construction and several other lines are planned for the next phase of expansion.



  • Foreign visitors to Ankara usually like to visit the old shops in Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu (Weavers' Road) near Ulus, where myriad things ranging from traditional fabrics, hand-woven carpets and leather products can be found at bargain prices. Bakırcılar Çarşısı (Bazaar of Coppersmiths) is particularly popular, and many interesting items, not just of copper, can be found here like jewelry, carpets, costumes, antiques and embroidery. Up the hill to the castle gate, there are many shops selling a huge and fresh collection of spices, dried fruits, nuts, and other produce.

  • Modern shopping areas / restaurants / amusament centers are mostly found in Kızılay, Çankaya, Tunalı Hilmi Avenue, Çukurambar.

  • Some of the big shopping malls: Armada, Cepa, Kentpark, Ankamall.

  • Kocatepe Mosque and Hacı Bayram Mosque are among the most famuous mosques in the city.

  • Atakule Tower commands a magnificent view over Ankara, where the city's panorama can be enjoyed in a leisurely fashion.

  • Please click here to see a panorama view of Ankara.

Google Map for Ankara:


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A useful map for Ankara:


  • A = TOBB ETU

  • B = Kızılay Square

  • C = Izmir Street

  • D = Sakarya Street

  • E = Kocatepe Mosque

  • F = Tunalı Hilmi Avenue

  • G = Ulus Square

  • H = Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu (Weavers' Road)

  • I = Anatolian Civilizations Museum

  • J = Hacı Bayram Mosque

  • K = Gençlik Park (Youth Park)

  • L = Etnografya Museum




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