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  • Proceedings and fulltext paper submission process is announced! Please follow the following information. Thanks for your great interest.

  • We are happy to inform you that AMAT 2012 Proceedings Book published in Springer was one of the top %25 most downloaded ebooks in the relevant Springer ebook collection in 2013 with a total of 8323 chapter downloads on SpringerLink.

Fulltext Article Submission Process:

  • Each article must be approximately 12 pages.

  • For the users of Scientific Work Place, please use the templates AMAT2015-SciWorkPlace.tex and AMAT2015-SciWorkPlace.pdf

  • For the users of Latex, please use the templates AMAT2015-latex.tex and AMAT2015-latex.pdf

  • Please do not use any other format when preparing your fulltext article.

  • When your article is ready, please send both TEX and PDF files to the e-mail address: with the subject line "Fulltext Article Submission for AMAT 2015".

  • Deadline of the fulltext paper submission: June 25, 2015. (it may be extended!)

  • All fulltext articles presented at AMAT 2015 Conference will be subject to "peer review" process. The articles both suggested by the reviewers and approved by the editors will be published by Springer.



















Abstract Submission Process:

  • Abstract submission process has been completed! Thanks for your great interest.

  • Before sending your abstract, please first fill in the Online Registration Form.

  • LaTex template for abstract submission: AMAT-2015.tex

  • PDF template for abstract submission: AMAT-2015.pdf

  • The authors should submit their abstracts (in .tex and .pdf formats) to the e-mail address with a carbon copy to with the subject line "AMAT 2015 Abstract Submission".

  • An official invitation letter will be sent, by an e-mail, to the participants who complete the abstract submission process.

  • The expected duration of contributed talks is 20 minutes.

Conference Topics:

  • Abstract Approximation Theory

  • Classical Approximation

  • Nonlinear Approximation

  • Complex Approximation

  • Fuzzy Approximation

  • Statistical Approximation

  • Fractional Analysis

  • Signal Theory

  • Sampling

  • Image and Signal Processing

  • Wavelets

  • Neural Networks

  • Positive Operators

  • Approximation with Constraints

  • Summability

  • Continued Fractions and Pade Approximants

  • Interpolation and Smoothing

  • Univariate and Multivariate Splines

  • Subdivision and Refinable Functions

  • Time Scales

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Stability Theory

  • Applied Analysis

  • Computational Analysis

  • Harmonic Analysis

  • Potential Theory

  • Combinatiorial Analysis

  • Ordinary Differential Equations

  • Difference Equations

  • Partial Differential Equations

  • Numerical PDEs

  • Numerical Analysis and Methods

  • Probability Methods in Analysis

  • Radial Basis Functions

  • Special Functions

  • Orthogonal Polynomials

  • Shift-Invariant Spaces

  • Fuzzy Sets

  • Extremal Problems

  • Financial Mathematics

  • Inequalities

  • Statistics


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